Released in November 2013, the latest Megazone Laser Games equipment is the successor of the Nexus systems.


Helios is the newest laser tag system to hit the market and raises the bar on all other systems in the industry.

With a host of new features and options, Helios brings a high level of versatility and excitement with a competitive pricing. When you’re counting on repeat play, quick throughput, generating more revenue, and a fast return on investment, this is the system you want.


Helios pack




Powerful software 


 Helios screen

Whether for a laser game activity or as an additional activity in a multi-activity, bowling or karting center, the Helios system easily meet your requirements. You have the ability to upgrade the system with time.








Control center


A complete game control center easy to use 



22 fully customizable game formats

Game control on Android Pads


Creating game reports

Managing and Customizing the sound system







 Live scores


Scoreboard 1WIFI scoreboard

Ability to follow scores evolution of every player and team during the game
Customizable advertising pages 







Des vestes High- Techs


  • Speakers with custom sound effects.
  • Full color OLED with animations display screen on the back of the phaser
  • 4 different colors.
  • 4 Hit zones with scaling points
  • Vibrators on every hit zone
  • Capacitive two hand sensor for ease of use
  • Anti-abuse G-Force sensor(Accelerometer)
  • Polycarbonate covers
  • Vivid green laser diodes for better visuals
  • 2 Kg light jacket
  • Longest Lasting Lithium polymer battery gives all day playing
  • Support all interactive accessories