Interactive accessories


Illuminated Vesting Racks


Racks lumineux8 configurable colors to suit your tastes. It gives a unique desin to your airlock






Arena Mines & Energizers


Mine & RechargeThe same module can be configured as a mine or an energizer









Interactive Bases


BaseFor team games. Give points to the opposing team when they are destroyed in your camp (Included in all packs).








CibleGive points according to their colors. Increase the interactivity, forcing the player to be more reactive / faster than his enemies.








Turret Cannon


Turret Cannon

Pilotage de canon tourelle

With this system, customers located in the reception area can interact with players during the game with a turret cannon with an integrated camera, located in the game arena, remotely controlled and allows remote player to hit / getting hit.

Imagine an arcade game whose fictitious enemies are replaced by real players! Its 90 ° rotation allows players to shoot, no matter the angle.







Game Station


Game StationThis device remotely recognizes jackets and allows you to access during the game to several bonuses and special game modes.