Laser Tag : the game

The Megazone Laser Games concept


Préparez au combat de Laser !You are with colleagues or friends. Who has never experienced this situation when you should make a choice of outing with the imperative to satisfy everyone for a day or a few hours ?


We have the solution !


The formula is quite simple: create teams with friends, work colleagues or family, equip them with high-tech jackets, give a lasergun to each member, , lock them 20 minutes in a specially modified maze, add one or two tablespoons of smoke, sprinkle it with intense music that will turn your neurons upside down, let them tag each others … They will love it and come back for more laser game experience!


By deactivating your opponents and opposing bases you gain points. The laser will guide your shots through the smoke and guarantees a good shot accuracy. Pay attention to the mines and bases programmed to defend themselves !





Nexus Points


Scores are displayed in real time during the game and each participant receives his scorecard at the end of the game.





A little bit of history…


The Laser Game or Laser-Tag started in America.
History tells us that the inventor of this concept, George Carter, had the idea by watching StarWars in 1977.

Time to develop his idea, and the technology that goes with it, Carter opened the first laser-tag room in 1984 in Texas and named it Photon.
It was a dazzling success in the United States.
This technologie has been greatly inspired by the U.S. military: in 1980 the United States Army deployed a system using infrared beams for combat training. The system functions like laser tag in that beams are “fired” into receivers that score hits.


Zone Laser Tag Group or “ZONE” was founded in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia. Focused on research & development, design and manufacture, it was and still is a leading company in the laser game technology development.


The first Megazone Laser Games has opened in France in 1995.